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Improving Tissue Functions of the Body with Herbs

Understanding the type of body tissue being affected in any health statecan be so helpful and give yet another way to address health problems. Join usto learn ways to identify tissue weakness and how to incorporate strengtheningherbs into a health plan. This will include case studies, physiology, chemistryand nutrient utilization, will focus on the main types of tissues in the bodyand the herbs that best improve their function and structural stability.

10 Common Factors and Habits That May Prevent Herbs From Working as Advertised


Herbalists practicing in 21st century America face an entirely different set of challenges than herbalists on the western frontier in the 19th century, where much of the legacy of American herbalism evolved. Toxic assault from ingredients in food, cosmetics, and household products now vastly exceeds that present even during the 1950's and 60's.
In addition to toxic chemicals in food, water, cosmetics, and household products, other health-impairing factors include:

    * Electromagnetic pollution (cell phones, microwaves, computers, "Smart" meters)
    * Toxic media, music, and culture adding to stress levels
    * Vaccinations
    * Toxic dental technologies -- root canals and mercury-almalgams
    * Unhealthy artificial light quality (e.g. public schools and buildings, computers)
    * Lack of contact with nature (light, sound, natural electromagnetic fields; the   esthetics of fractal chaos and its therapeutic importance)

Each of us has a great degree of personal power to simply say no to all these things in our own lives. Specific mitigation strategies will be discussed for each listed toxicity problem.

A spoonful of honey makes the medicine go down.......

Are you stuck in a rut with your medicine making routine? Are you ready to move some of your remedies from the 'medicinal' category to the 'treat' category? Join me to explore the health benefits of honey, and learn how to create your own delectable infused honeys, elixirs, honey pills, oxymels, and (if time permits) mead!
Beginner to Medium levels.

Afternoon Yoga: Introduction to Yoga

This afternoon yoga class is geared towards those who are new to the practice of yoga.  All participants of this class are also encouraged to attend the active morning sessions.

Blending, Formulating and Making Aromatherapy Products

This is a hands on product making class.  We’ll go into depth about notes, dilution ratios, ideal carrier oils, ideal ways to apply certain oils, etc.  Everyone will make several products, oil blends, spritzers, bath salts and more. 
All Levels

Breathing Free and Easy: Upper Respiratory Tract Disorders

This class will provide a review of upper respiratory tract disorders commonly observed in clinical practice, including viral rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, rhinosinusitis, snoring and sleep apnea. The underlying causes of each condition will be examined, and specific remedies with regard to diet, lifestyle and herbal therapy will be provided, drawing from the Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal traditions.

Campfire stories with Linwood

Join Linwood for stories around the camp fire. 

Chinese Medicine for the Western Herbalist
Are you a western herbalist confused by TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) terminology and concepts? Do you want to know more about TCM or incorporate its principals into your practice, but don't know where to start?
In this class miles will bridge the gap between eastern and western thought and present principals, theories and nomenclature in a way that allows participants to fully grasp the ideas presented. As a teacher of TCM and mentor miles has the gift of taking hard to grasp ideas and present them in a way that transcends "classical" thinking.
These ideas are "key" to understanding all branches of TCM but we will focus on the herbal tradition and how that relates to western herbal tradition and therapeutics.
Participants will be able too incorporate  the Chinese ideas of health and well being, constitutional assessment and energetic into there work.
This class is open to all herbalists but the material presented will be challenging so bring your thinking caps!
Descriptions of our 2014 classes are coming soon! Please check back!
Estrogen: What You Need to Know Now

In this workshop we will learn about the thirty estrogens that all women make, including estradiol, the estrogen that feeds cancer. We will learn about xeno-estrogens in the environment and how to protect ourselves from them. We will learn about the many pharmaceutical forms of estrogen. And we will learn about phyto-estrogens and phyto-sterols, the hormonal precursors found in plants. We will run a race between the short-path estrogens and the long-path estrogens and see who gets to the indiscriminate receptor site first. Don’t miss the fun.