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2015 Event Information Coming Soon!



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Meals will begin at lunch on Friday and end at breakfast on Sunday. You are encouraged bring a sack lunch for Sunday. If you are travelling far, please make sure to bring your own food if you plan on arriving before lunch on Friday. 


Bring your own plate initiative

This year MHG askes all attendees to bring their own eating utensils: plate/bowl, knife, fork, spoon and mug.  This will help conserve resources, create less dishes for our kitchen staff and encourage personal responsiblity for ones belongings.


Food Sensitivities

MHG does it's best to provide healthy choices at each meal for many diet types.  We offer a vegetarian, vegan, carnivore and gluten free option at all meals. If you have a restricted diet and food sensitivites, PLEASE bring your own food to supplement what we cannot provide  for you. 






We need people to sign up to help in the kitchen! Check out the volunteer page for information