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Miles Coleman, RH AHG EWCH

Miles Coleman  RH AHG- EWCH  has pursued the twin disciplines of kung fu and TCM for 40 years. Miles holds master ranks in 2 kung fu styles and teaches for several large international martial arts organizations. Miles study of traditional kung fu led him to train in the arts of DA KE (trauma medicine) TCM and SHEN KUNG (Spiritual healing based on buddhist philosophy).


Miles traveled to taiwan and became a direct disciple of master YUEN YING GOA, learning  herbal and trauma medicine.In addition, Miles...

Thad Mauney

Even while taking an overload of college classes in chemistry over 40 years ago, Thad Mauney felt compelled to build himself an index of edible and medicinal plants. Later, after earning a Ph.D. in chemistry and spending some time leading R & D for a couple of high-tech businesses, he shifted his attention back from the inanimate to the science of how things live.  And so, for the past dozen years, he has been exploring metabolic chemistry and how this can be used to maintain health and vitality. Specifically of interest is how to use nutrients to help shift away from disease states and maintain health and longevity.  Dr. Mauney has written books and booklets on natural means to avoid or reverse cancer, cognitive decline, MRSA infection, and numerous...

Roger Wicke

Roger WickeRoger W. Wicke studied TCM herbology under C.S. Cheung, M.D., and Yat Ki Lai at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating in 1985. Since then his clinical practice emphasizes educating clients about environmental health issues, healthy eating, and escaping from the mass-culture Matrix of robotic behaviors. He is currently director of the Rocky Mountain Herbal Institute and has authored several texts on Chinese herbology, including HerbalThink-TCM, an interactive software package for learning traditional Chinese herbology....