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Volunteers 2015

To apply for a volunteer position please contact me at  which time I can reply with more detailed information.All volunteer positions are 1/2 work-trades which means your registration fee will be reduced to $ 100.00 and appr. 9 hours of labor. You will not be scheduled until your registration is completed. You are welcome to express interest in specific departments however the final scheduling is done by me based upon needs in the departments, therefore you may end up working in more than one department throughout the gathering. I will schedule volunteers in a manner in which they will be able to attend at least three of their most favorite classes.

All volunteers are welcome to arrive at the event starting Thursday after 1 pm but must be present before Friday 10 am Note: Friday lunch will be the first meal provided so if you arrive earlier please provide your own food until then.

There are two kinds of volunteers, pre-event and at the event itself:

PRE-EVENT: These volunteers are responsible for hanging posters and regularly checking up and keeping registrationforms well stocked. Also they are pursuing donations from local businesses and individuals and arranging transport of said items to the gathering. Pre-event volunteers will not have to work at the event itself. Pre event work starts in March

Available Pre-event positions:  Great Falls        2             2  open

                                                      Bozeman         2             0  open 

                                                      Missoula          2             0 open

                                                      Kallispell          2             2  open

                                                      Bitteroot           2             2  open

                                                      Butte                2             2  open

                                                      Helena             2             0  open

                                                      Billings             2             0  open


Event Volunteer Positions                                     40          27 open







Please note: Volunteers who do not show up for shifts will not be considered for future work trade positions.